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Introducing Non-woven Geotextile | IndustraTEX, one of the most versatile geosynthetic products.
Take advantage of IndustraTEX, the ultimate Non-woven Geotextile solution. Engineered to be the perfect solution to your geotechnical projects, delivering a balance of performance and durability. Discover the possabilities of Non-woven Geotextile and transform your construction endeavors into extraordinary feats of engineering.


IndustraTEX Non-woven Geotextile is designed to reinforce, separate, filter, and protect. This versatile geosynthetic material acts as a robust barrier, enhancing soil stability and improving the overall integrity of structures. With its exceptional strength and permeability characteristics, IndustraTEX serves as a reliable foundation for long-lasting and sustainable construction projects.


IndustraTEX finds its application across a wide range of industries and projects. Here are some key areas where its capabilities shine:

  1. Road Construction: Enhance the strength and stability of roads, highways, and pavements with IndustraTEX Non-woven Geotextile. It provides effective separation between subsoil and base materials, minimizing the risk of rutting and enhancing load-bearing capacity.
  2. Erosion Control: Protect embankments, slopes, and riverbanks from erosion with the superior filtration properties of IndustraTEX Non-woven Geotextile. It prevents soil loss while allowing water to flow freely, maintaining ecological balance.
  3. Landscaping and Drainage: Create efficient drainage systems and landscape features using IndustraTEX Non-woven Geotextile. It acts as a reliable filter, preventing clogging while promoting the smooth passage of water.
  4. Environmental Applications: IndustraTEX Non-woven Geotextile plays a crucial role in environmental projects, such as landfill liners, waste containment, and soil remediation. It acts as a barrier, preventing the migration of contaminants and providing long-term stability.


IndustraTEX offers numerous advantages that set it apart from traditional construction materials:

  1. Strength and Durability: With high tensile strength and tear resistance, IndustraTEX ensures long-term performance and durability in challenging environments.
  2. Permeability and Filtration: The excellent permeability of IndustraTEX allows for efficient water flow, preventing hydrostatic pressure buildup and facilitating proper drainage.
  3. Separation and Stabilization: IndustraTEX provides effective separation between different soil layers, enhancing the stability and load-bearing capacity of structures.
  4. Chemical and Biological Resistance: IndustraTEX is resistant to chemicals, acids, and biological degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh environments.


Installing IndustraTEX is a straightforward process:

  1. Site Preparation: Clear the construction area of any debris, vegetation, or loose soil.
  2. Unroll and Position: Roll out IndustraTEX Non-woven Geotextile over the prepared surface, ensuring proper alignment and overlap.
  3. Secure and Join: Secure the geotextile using stakes or other appropriate methods. Join multiple sections by overlapping and stitching or using adhesive as per project requirements.
  4. Protection and Placement: Protect the installed geotextile from damage during subsequent construction activities. Place subsequent layers, such as fill material, aggregate, or asphalt, as per project specifications.
Non-Woven Geotextile | IndustraTEX rolled out

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