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Introducing Woven Geotextile | IndustraWEAVE: The Fabric of Stability.
Welcome to the reinforced abilities with IndustraWEAVE Woven Geotextile, the versatility of woven strength. Made with precision and woven for strength, IndustraWEAVE is your gateway to achieving exceptional ground stabilization and soil reinforcement. Join the ranks the engineers and builders who trust IndustraWEAVE to weave their visions into reality.


IndustraWEAVE Woven Geotextile is a high-performance fabric crafted through the interlocking of polypropylene. This woven masterpiece serves as a versatile geotechnical solution, offering superior filtration, separation, and reinforcement. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the integrity of various civil engineering projects, providing the ultimate stability and durability.


IndustraWEAVE boasts an extensive range of applications across diverse construction endeavors. Some key applications include:

  1. Road and Pavement Construction: IndustraWEAVE reinforces road bases and subgrades, preventing soil intrusion and promoting pavement longevity.
  2. Ground Stabilization: IndustraWEAVE stabilizes embankments, slopes, and soil layers, reducing erosion and enhancing overall stability.
  3. Erosion Control: IndustraWEAVE acts as a resilient erosion control barrier, preventing soil loss and safeguarding natural environments.
  4. Drainage Systems: IndustraWEAVE facilitates efficient drainage, preventing clogging and ensuring optimal water flow in civil engineering projects.
  5. Railroad Construction: IndustraWEAVE provides robust reinforcement in railroad tracks, minimizing settlement and enhancing track performance.


IndustraWEAVE stands as the pinnacle of geotechnical textiles, delivering an array of unmatched advantages:

  1. High Tensile Strength: The woven structure imparts superior tensile strength, enabling it to withstand heavy loads and stresses.
  2. Permeability: IndustraWEAVE allows water to permeate freely while effectively filtering out soil particles, ensuring optimal drainage.
  3. Dimensional Stability: The fabric exhibits exceptional dimensional stability, maintaining its integrity in challenging environmental conditions.
  4. Chemical Resistance: IndustraWEAVE resists chemical degradation, making it suitable for diverse applications, including aggressive environments.
  5. Longevity: The woven construction and high-quality materials grant IndustraWEAVE remarkable longevity, ensuring lasting performance.


IndustraWEAVE installation is straightforward and adaptable. The fabric is placed at the designated location, providing a reliable barrier between different soil layers or as a reinforcement layer. Securing the geotextile in place with appropriate anchors or soil cover ensures a stable and enduring installation. Its versatility and ease of installation make it a preferred choice among geotechnical professionals.

  • Place the fabric at the designated location, to provide a reliable barrier between different soil layers or as a reinforcement layer.
  • Secure the geotextile in place with appropriate anchors or soil covers.
Woven Geotextile | IndustraWEAVE up close of the fabric.

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