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Liner glue tape, also known as geomembrane adhesive tape or liner seaming tape, is a type of specialized tape used in geosynthetic installations, particularly for joining and seaming our liners. Liners are impermeable liners made from materials like HDPE or LLDPE used to contain liquids, prevent seepage, and provide environmental protection in various applications such as landfills, ponds, and reservoirs.


  1. Overlap and Unroll: Place one geomembrane sheet over the other, ensuring that there is an appropriate overlap as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, a 100-150mm (4-6 inches) overlap is sufficient for liner glue tape applications.
  2. Inspect and Position the Tape: Unroll the liner glue tape along the length of the overlap. Carefully inspect the tape for any defects or damages before positioning it precisely at the center of the overlap.
  3. Peel the Release Liner: Liner glue tape usually comes with a release liner covering the adhesive. Carefully peel back the release liner from the tape while avoiding any contamination of the adhesive surface.
  4. Press and Bond: Once the release liner is removed, press the tape firmly onto the geomembrane overlap, starting from one end and working your way to the other. Apply uniform pressure to ensure full and even bonding of the tape to both geomembranes.


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