Industrial Geosynthetics is committed to offering our customers a comprehensive range of geosynthetic products. We will achieve this by presenting a wide array of products, ensuring fast lead times, competitive prices, and confirming that our solutions are fit for purpose.

At Industrial Geosynthetics, we believe that by offering a single-source solution, we can save our customers time and money. We commit to bringing value to the market through fast lead times and prices lower than those of Australian-made alternatives within our standardized range. Our dedication extends to delivering products and services of exceptional quality, and we take pride in collaborating with customers to meet their specific needs.


Introducing Industrial Geosynthetics, a specialized division that officially launched in early 2023 to cater to an identified market need. As a recognised branch of Industrial Plastics, we have been providing reliable geosynthetic products for our valued customers for some time. Now, we have taken the step to establish ourselves independently, solely focused on meeting your geosynthetic requirements.

We are committed to continually expanding our range of geosynthetic products and services, ensuring we can effectively address your needs for upcoming projects. Your feedback is highly valuable to us as we strive to enhance our offerings and exceed your expectations.

To explore our current selection of geosynthetic products, we invite you to visit our dedicated products page. Additionally, if you have any specific inquiries or require further assistance, please fill out our contact form, and we will promptly assist you.

At Industrial Geosynthetics, our aim is to provide exceptional quality, excellent customer service, and practical solutions. We are here to support you throughout your geosynthetic journey, helping you achieve success in your projects.

The Industrial Geosynthetics and Industrial Plastics Team

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