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Introducing Geonet | IndustraNET: The Geosynthetic Solution for Enhanced Drainage and Leachate Prevention.
Designed to address the challenges of efficient water flow and landfill applications, Geonet | IndustraNET offers superior performance and durability. Join us as we explore the functionality, applications, advantages, and installation process of our Geonet solution.


Geonet | IndustraNET serves as a high-performance geosynthetic material, specifically engineered to enhance drainage, filtration, and stabilization. It consists of a three-dimensional structure that promotes efficient water flow, preventing excess moisture buildup and maintaining optimal soil conditions. IndustraNET’s design ensures effective filtration while providing support.


IndustraNET finds wide applications across various industries, enabling improved performance in challenging conditions. Some key applications where IndustraNET excels include:

  • Landfill Drainage Systems: IndustraNET is used in landfill drainage systems to enhance the flow of leachate, allowing for efficient collection and management of waste fluids.
  • Road and Railway Construction: IndustraNET serves as a drainage layer in road and railway construction projects, facilitating water drainage and minimizing the risk of water-related damage.
  • Soil Stabilization: IndustraNET helps reinforce soil structures, such as slopes and embankments, by providing lateral support and preventing erosion.
  • Sports Field and Golf Course Drainage: Geonet assists in improving the drainage performance of sports fields and golf courses, ensuring optimal playing conditions and preventing waterlogging.
  • Erosion Control: Geonet is employed in erosion control applications, such as riverbank protection and shoreline stabilization, to prevent soil erosion and maintain stability.


IndustraNET offers a range of advantages that make it a preferred choice for drainage and stabilization applications:

  • High Flow Capacity: The three-dimensional structure of IndustraNET provides excellent hydraulic conductivity, allowing for efficient water flow and drainage.
  • Soil Reinforcement: IndustraNET enhances stability by providing lateral confinement and resisting soil movement.
  • Chemical Resistance: IndustraNET demonstrates excellent resistance to chemicals, ensuring its long-term performance in various environments, including those with aggressive substances.
  • Durability: IndustraNET is manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions.
  • Easy Installation: You can easily install Geonet using standard construction techniques, saving time and labor costs while ensuring efficient implementation.


Installing IndustraNET is a straightforward process, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Here’s a brief overview of the installation steps:

  • Surface Preparation: Prepare the surface by removing any vegetation, debris, or uneven materials to create a clean and smooth substrate.
  • Geonet Placement: Unroll IndustraNET rolls onto the prepared surface, ensuring proper alignment and overlapping as required by the project specifications.
  • Securing: Secure the Geonet in place using geosynthetic staples, anchor trenches, or other appropriate methods to prevent movement during and after installation.
  • Backfilling: Properly backfill the area with soil or aggregate, ensuring the Geonet remains properly encapsulated and in contact with the soil.
Geonet | IndustraNET

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