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Common Geotextile Applications.

Among the various geosynthetic materials available, geotextiles play a pivotal role in a wide range of applications.

When Should I Use LLDPE Liner?

When it comes to containment solutions and environmental protection, selecting the right liner material is crucial.

Geosynthetics Across Australia.

Geosynthetics are growing in popularity across Australia with its products offering a superior alternative to traditional solutions.

Customers Uses Geocell in Australia.

This Australian project utilised geocell for a residential application in order to reduce erosion and for structural reinforcement.

Geotextile Drainage For Retaining Wall.

One crucial aspect of ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of retaining walls is proper drainage; here is Geotextile drainage.

What Are Dam Liners?

Dam liners are engineered barriers designed to provide impermeability and prevent water seepage in dams and reservoirs

Geonet | IndustraNET

Why Use Geonets?

Geonet is a material often referred to as a drainage geocomposite that is coated with geotextile materials on either side.

Geogrids: Biaxial Reinforcement.

A Biaxial Geogrid is the modern solution to construction and civil projects. With one layer, give many more years to your project.

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