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Geosynthetic solutions have revolutionized the civil & landscaping industry, providing innovative ways to enhance the durability, sustainability, and overall functionality of landscaping projects. From creating sturdy base layers to preventing soil erosion and improving drainage systems, these solutions offer a range of applications that significantly elevate landscaping outcomes.


In the realm of modern civil & landscaping, geosynthetic solutions have emerged as a cornerstone for transforming outdoor spaces. These versatile materials, engineered to deliver exceptional performance, play a pivotal role in addressing various landscaping challenges and optimizing the longevity of landscape designs.


Designing a Decorative Pond

You are designing a decorative pond as a central focal point in a landscape. To prevent water leakage and maintain the desired water level, you choose to use HDPE Liner | IndustraLINE. This liner provides a robust barrier against water seepage, ensuring the pond remains visually stunning and functional.

Erosion Control on a Sloped Garden

A civil & landscaping project features a sloped area susceptible to erosion during heavy rains. To stabilize the soil and prevent erosion, you decide to install Biaxial Geogrid | IndustraGRID DUO. This geogrid reinforces the soil, allowing vegetation to take root and flourish, while maintaining the garden’s natural aesthetic.

Creating a Rain Garden

In a sustainable civil & landscaping project, you’re creating a rain garden to manage stormwater runoff. To enhance water filtration and create a well-draining environment, you incorporate Geosynthetic Clay Liner | IndustraCLAY. This liner ensures effective water retention and filtration, promoting healthy plant growth while managing excess water.

Enhancing Turf Reinforcement

Designing a green parking area that can handle vehicular traffic requires robust turf reinforcement. You opt for Woven Geotextile | IndustraWEAVE beneath the grass surface. This geotextile stabilizes the soil, enabling the grass to withstand vehicular loads and maintain its lush appearance.

Preventing Soil Erosion Along a Pathway

A landscaped pathway running along a hillside is prone to soil erosion. To mitigate erosion and create an enduring solution, you use Uniaxial Geogrid | IndustraGRID. This geogrid reinforces the soil, preventing shifting and erosion along the pathway’s edges, resulting in a safe and lasting walkway.

Enhancing Drainage in a Public Park

A public park experiences drainage issues in certain areas, leading to waterlogging. To improve drainage, you integrate Geonet | IndustraNET beneath the turf. This geonet accelerates water movement, minimizing water pooling and enhancing the overall usability of the park.

Establishing a Retaining Wall Garden

Creating a garden with a retaining wall requires a reliable soil stabilization solution. You opt for Geocell | IndustraCELL, which provides support for soil infill within the retaining wall. This geocell prevents soil movement, ensuring the wall’s integrity while allowing for lush plant growth.

Soil Separation in a Green Roof Design

Designing a green roof involves managing different layers of soil, drainage, and vegetation. To prevent soil mixing and maintain efficient drainage, you employ Non-woven Geotextile | IndustraTEX. This geotextile acts as a separator, ensuring each layer functions optimally.


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Non-woven Geotextile | IndustraTEX
IndustraTEX non-woven geotextiles act as a filtration and separation layer, preventing fine particles from clogging drainage systems. They are commonly used in landscaping applications to ensure efficient water movement while maintaining soil integrity.

Geocell | IndustraCELL
Geocells, such as IndustraCELL, are employed in landscaping projects that require load distribution and erosion control. They create a stable platform for grass or gravel infill, ensuring surfaces like parking lots or green areas maintain their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner | IndustraCLAY
Geosynthetic clay liners are a reliable choice for lining irrigation canals and water retention structures. Their combination of bentonite clay and geotextiles creates an effective barrier against water infiltration, supporting efficient water management within landscapes.

Geonet | IndustraNET
Geonets find their application in drainage systems, ensuring efficient water flow in landscapes. They are used to create subsurface drainage layers, preventing waterlogging and facilitating the removal of excess water from the soil.

Biaxial Geogrid | IndustraGRID DUO
Biaxial geogrids offer reinforcement solutions for retaining walls and embankments. Their high tensile strength helps stabilize soil layers and prevent erosion, enabling the construction of visually appealing and structurally sound landscape elements.

HDPE Liner | IndustraLINE
The application of HDPE liners ensures impermeable barriers, making them perfect for water features such as ponds, lakes, and decorative reservoirs. These liners prevent water seepage, maintaining the desired water levels and minimizing soil erosion around the edges.

Uniaxial Geogrid | IndustraGRID
When it comes to creating strong base layers for pathways and driveways, IndustraGRID is an ideal choice. Its uniaxial design enhances load distribution, increasing the stability and load-bearing capacity of hardscape surfaces.

Woven Geotextile | IndustraWEAVE
IndustraWEAVE woven geotextiles provide reinforcement for soil, making them suitable for applications like turf reinforcement or soil stabilization in embankments. They bolster soil structure and promote healthier vegetation growth.

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