3.8M W x 50M L x 200g/m2 White


Take advantage of IndustraTEX, the ultimate Non-woven Geotextile solution. Engineered to be the perfect solution to your geotechnical projects, delivering a balance of performance and durability. Discover the possabilities of Non-woven Geotextile and transform your construction endeavors into extraordinary feats of engineering.

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IndustraTEX Non-woven Geotextile is designed to reinforce, separate, filter, and protect. This versatile geosynthetic material acts as a robust barrier, enhancing soil stability and improving the overall integrity of structures. With its exceptional strength and permeability characteristics, IndustraTEX serves as a reliable foundation for long-lasting and sustainable construction projects.

IndustraTEX comes 3.8M W x 50M L x 200g/m2, with a simple white finish.

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5.8 m
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